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1. Love

Our desire is for our work to be informed by and result in greater love for Christ Jesus and His Church. It’s easy to harp on pastors, it’s easy to become frustrated with artists, it’s easy to criticize what the Church is or is not doing, it’s not easy to love. We want to continue learning how to love and lay down our lives for another so that the Kingdom of God can become manifest in us.

2. Hospitality

We want every person who participates in the symposium to feel welcomed, cared for, and encouraged by the experience. We want to be generous with our words and our service. As we say down here, we hope your experience is as good as riding a gravy train with biscuit wheels. May you taste the delectable food of the gods, Tex-Mex and Barbecue, and be ruined forever. :)

3. Excellence
What we do we want to do well. We want to administrate a symposium of high quality. We want to serve the participants by providing opportunities for head, heart and hand knowledge. With the seasoning virtue of humility and the grace that recognizes that there is a time for everything under heaven, we want to encourage the believer artists among us to make excellent art work that honors God and blesses their neighbor.

4. Community

Axiomatic to orthodox Christianity is the recognition that our fullest expression as human beings arises only in the context of community. In a reflection thus of our Trinitarian God, we want to honor each other in our relationships, do our work out of love for the community, and foster vibrant fellowship between persons of all ages, cultures, ethnicities and denominational backgrounds.

5. Partnership with the larger Body of Christ
In the counsel of many there is much wisdom, says the Proverb. We believe that our best work is done in and with the larger Body of Christ. We acknowledge the often exasperating tensions that we experience with members from other churches and that these tensions make it easier for us to keep each other at an easy distance. But if the prayer of Christ is truly believed, then we want to make every effort to live out that holy unity for which the world desperate yearns.